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Estate Planning-It's more than just a Will!

When it comes to estate planning, people come to me and say that "we just need a simple will".  However, here are some situations that might make a situation "hard".  Sometimes a will is still the best option but we explain the pro and cons of each option and let our clients decide what they want.  Because we work on a flat fee, our clients are willing to have these conversations with us without fear of the bill going up with every 15 minutes they spend in my office.

* BLENDED FAMILIES - It's complicated to blend families in life and estate planning is no different.  It's okay to not have it all figured out.  We offer examples of what other families have chosen.  We give you time to consider what makes sense for your and we work through it together.  

* FAMILIES WITH MINOR CHILDREN have to make lots of decisions and contemplate terrible scenarios.  We work through it together.  Once clients understand the roles that people would have, it makes it a little easier to select those people.

*FAMILIES WITH ADULT CHILDREN - Sometimes these are "easy" situations and sometimes they aren't.  It depends on if at least one adult child children live in the same city as the parent or surviving parent or if an adult child has a substance abuse problem or if an adult child has special needs or if one adult child is a primary caregiver to the parents.

*ELDER CARE - When there is a concern that someone may have to go into a nursing home or incur substantial costs in elder care, it's very important to consult a lawyer to discuss options.

*THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN - Those without children have different concerns than those with children.  We work through their unique concerns together.

*YOUNG ADULTS - Every adult (yes, everyone over 18) should have a Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive in place providing that someone has the ability to manage your financial affairs and to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event of a very tragic situation.  This is extraordinarily important for people who are not married.

We go the extra mile for our clients by talking about their entire financial picture to make sure that they understand what will be probated and what won't be.  We provide practical advice and a system to help them reduce the risk of financial assets "getting lost".  Trust me, no one wants their money going to the State because it was "lost".  We help them work through the process of updating their beneficiary designations too.

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