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Practice Areas

What We Provide

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Business Services

We offer comprehensive business advisory and legal services: 

  • Business Formations

  • Business Advisory Services (CFO and other coaching and back office services)

  • Employment and Independent Contractors Contracts

  • Commercial and Saas Contracts

  • Fractional General Counsel Services

  • Business Purchases and Sales

  • Business Dissolutions

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Real Estate Services

We have an affiliated title agency called Orange Settlement Services, Ltd.  If you are purchasing, selling or refinancing a residential or commercial property, you can pick your own attorney and often your own title agency/settlement company.  Most importantly, in Pennsylvania, the title premium is the same no matter who you use. See below for who we can help:

  • For sale by Owner Residential Properties

  • Buyers of residential and commercial properties

  • Sellers of residential and commercial properties

  • Borrower in commercial refinancings

Insurance Agent

Estate Planning -Wills and Trusts

When it comes to estate planning, people come to me and say that "we just need a simple will".  However, there are some situations that might make a situation "hard".  Sometimes a will is still the best option but we explain the pro and cons of a Trust versus a Will and let our clients decide what they want.  Because we work on a flat fee, our clients are willing to have these conversations with us without fear of the bill going up with every 15 minutes they spend in my office.  Every Will or Trust comes with a health care directive, durable power of attorney and more.

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